gun and weapons charges

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Understanding gun Charges

Facing charges related to weapon use or possession is a serious matter. If you’ve been accused of a crime involving a deadly weapon such as a firearm, shotgun, or knife, the severity of your case escalates significantly.

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concealed carry charges

In many states, carrying a concealed weapon in public spaces without proper licensing is prohibited. This typically refers to firearms but can extend to knives and other weapons. Depending on your jurisdiction, this could result in a felony offense with severe penalties.


possessing without a license

In several states possessing a firearm without a valid license is illegal and can lead to fines and even imprisonment. Let our legal experts defend your right to bear arms!

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At Christopher Koch Law we provide comprehensive legal support to clients facing accusations related to gun charges. Whether it’s unlawful gun possession or use, even if associated with another offense, our attorneys are equipped to defend your case.


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