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Guard Against the Severe Consequences of a Sex Crime Conviction The fallout from a sex crime accusation can be profoundly damaging. A conviction could result in being labeled as a registered sex offender, imposing specific obligations and restrictions not applicable to other citizens. You may be required to register your address with law enforcement, steer clear of certain public places, and accept that your personal information and charge details will be publicly accessible.


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The United States frequently sees instances of false accusations and mistaken identity, particularly in sex offense cases. Arrests and charges often arise from unsupported claims, potentially motivated by dishonesty, child custody disputes, or other hidden agendas.



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Should your probation be revoked, a hearing will be held before a judge, not a jury. The judge possesses full authority over determining the consequences of the violation. If you’re on Deferred Adjudication probation and your probation is revoked, you may face a final conviction and the maximum possible punishment allowed by law.


“Freedom in any case, is only possible by constantly struggling for it.”

– Albert Einstein

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The statute of limitations: The state has a deadline for filing charges in sexual offense cases. If the time limit expires before action is taken, you may be able to avoid prosecution altogether.


Insufficient evidence: In order for the charges against you to stick, your accuser or the investigating officers must have sufficient proof that links you with the alleged sexual crime.


Right to self-defense: You may be able to provide evidence that you acted in self-defense or that the actions of your accuser were illegal or constituted harassment.


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