wrongful death

types of wrongful death lawsuites

Intentional: A wrongful death lawsuit arises when deliberate harm leads to fatality. Instances could include assault, battery, or even murder. While these cases may undergo trial in criminal court, a wrongful death lawsuit could still be pursued.


Negligence: An act of negligence resulting in fatality can lead to a wrongful death case. For example, if a drunk driver’s recklessness led to the death of your loved one, it could be treated as a wrongful death.


Medical Malpractice: Improper conduct by medical professionals that leads to a patient’s death can give rise to a civil case. If a family member died while undergoing medical treatment, it’s worth exploring the possibility of a wrongful death case.


common causes of wrongful death

auto accidents

Motor vehicle collisions are a frequent cause of wrongful deaths in the United States. If your loved one has tragically died in a car accident, Christopher Koch Law can help pursue a wrongful death case on your behalf.



defective products

Purchased products should function as intended. Incorrectly manufactured or defective products can result in fatal consequences. At Christopher Koch Law, we strive to hold responsible parties accountable for such tragic incidents.

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damages recovered from wrongful death claim

Depending on the circumstances, damages recovered from a wrongful death claim can include:

• Medical and funeral expenses related to the deceased’s passing • Loss of income that would have been earned by the deceased • Pain & suffering endured by family members as a result of their loss • Punitive damages resulting from gross negligence or intentional harm.


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