patent search and opinion

why you need a patent search lawyer

If you are considering protecting your idea or invention, it is recommended to conduct a patent search. This will ensure that you are investing your money wisely before proceeding with a patent application, which can be quite costly. Conducting a patent search is a form of insurance, providing some assurance that your investment will be worthwhile.




what can you do with a professional search?

avoid wasting money on an unsuccesful patent application

As important as a patent search is, it’s not the only part of the process you’ll need to consider. You should also obtain an opinion from a qualified attorney who specializes in patents and intellectual property.







professional searchers have enhanced access

Professional patent searchers have access to specialized searchable databases that the average person does not. These databases are usually only updated with current information and their searches are comprehensive, so they can identify more potential prior art than a non-professional would be able to.



“Freedom in any case, is only possible by constantly struggling for it.”

– Albert Einstein

gain insight with qualified experts

When conducting a patent search, the professional searcher will provide you with an analysis of any prior art they have found. This can help you gain insight into how other inventors solved issues that were similar to yours. It can also give you ideas for different approaches that could work in your favor when it comes time to file your patent application.

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