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Our firm is adept at representing clients in patent litigation, from filing infringement complaints to defending against claims of patent infringement. We can also help our clients negotiate and develop settlement agreements. If our clients wish to sue a competitor for infringing their patent, we can guide them through the process and represent them in court or other proceedings.



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Patent prosecution from christopher koch law

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Our firm is highly experienced in representing clients throughout the entire patent dispute process, from filing infringement complaints to defending against claims of patent infringement. We can help our clients negotiate and develop settlement agreements or take legal action through the courtroom.






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If you need expert advice on developing a comprehensive patent strategy, drafting or reviewing licensing agreements, or any other patent-related matter, Christopher Koch Law is here to help. We can provide valuable insights and guidance to ensure that our clients’ interests are protected. Whether it be pre-litigation strategies, strategic patent procurement, or current litigation matters, we have the experience and skill to deliver results.


“Freedom in any case, is only possible by constantly struggling for it.”

– Albert Einstein

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At Christopher Koch Law, we provide comprehensive advice and strategies for patent protection. Our attorneys have the expertise to help clients navigate the complexities of intellectual property law and advise them on best practices for protecting their inventions through patents. We can evaluate potential competitors’ patent portfolios to ensure our clients are making informed decisions when entering a new market or launching a product.

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