Employment immigration

employment based immigration categories

Employment First Preference (EB-1) As a Priority Worker, you need an approved Form I-140, filed with USCIS. Priority Workers are allotted 28.6% of the annual worldwide limit.


Employment Second Preference (EB-2) Professionals with advanced degrees or exceptional abilities in arts, sciences, or business receive 28.6% of the annual worldwide limit, plus any unused Employment First Preference visas.


Employment Third Preference (EB-3) Skilled Workers, Professionals holding Baccalaureate Degrees, and Other Workers can receive 28.6% of the annual global visa limit, along with any unused visas from the Employment First and Second Preference categories.




additional aspects of employment based immigration

labor market information pilot program

The Immigration Act of 1990 permits the DOL to launch a Labor Market Information pilot program that identifies ten job categories experiencing labor shortages.


Petitions To apply for an immigrant visa based on employment in the U.S., you’ll need an approved immigrant visa petition from the USCIS.




premium processing

Processing times for petitions vary by service center, typically averaging six months. However, you can opt for premium processing for an additional fee, which could expedite your petition’s processing to within 15 calendar days.


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