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Understanding Nursing Home Negligence, nursing homes are obligated to comply with the Nursing Home Care Act and Long-Term Care Security Act to ensure the safety and well-being of their residents. This encompasses various laws and regulations, including the following:


Maintaining Proper Licenses and Certifications To provide optimal care, nursing homes must hold valid licenses and certifications. If they have insufficient staffing or fail to meet health and safety standards, they may risk losing their license.




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Liability due to unreasonable behavior

While engaging in sports, it’s generally understood that individuals assume the risk of potential injuries. However, when injuries result from unreasonable behavior, legal recourse may be necessary.




inadequate security claims

 If a facility’s security is insufficient leading to a criminal attack, the burden of responsibility falls on the facility owners, operators, and third-party security contractors.




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We understand that each case is unique, so we strive to provide a tailored solution to maximize your chances of recovering damages. We also handle product liability claims when defects or design flaws in equipment lead to serious injuries.

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